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Check any bookstore shelf and you will find an overwhelming number of keyboard lesson books. It can be overwhelming at first but just take a moment to think about where you want to start. Take a look at the various options and musical styles available. Then select a book from there and get started with your keyboard lessons.

Each keyboard lesson book covers something different than the one next to it. Various topics include musical theory, scales, history of composers and chord charts. Modern keyboard composers featured in a selection of keyboard lesson books include Williams, Bastien, Glover and Thompson. These individuals have also written their own selections of keyboard lesson books.
One of the best keyboard lesson books on the market is entitled “The Adult Beginner” written by Bastien. Topics covered in this book include musical theory and a generalization of keyboard lessons as a whole. Another music theory book is “The Joy of Music” by Leonard Bernstein. This is an ideal book for someone looking to learn the building blocks of keyboard playing before moving on to actual musical pieces.

“Virtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises” by C. L. Hanon is a great keyboard lesson book for developing the proper techniques needed for successful keyboard playing. Numerous keyboard teachers use this book in practice to help students develop the basic skills. A great musical theory keyboard lesson book is Michael Miller’s “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Music Theory”. Be cautious about the musical theory books as some can be complicated for a beginner to understand.

Keyboard BooksAdd to this collection some keyboard lesson books that contain songs. It will give you a great chance to practice those basic techniques you learned in the books listed earlier. Unlike the previously mentioned books, keyboard song books are a matter of personal choice. It depends greatly on what type of music you prefer and what you have an interest in playing.

Take a look at something called a fake book. The name may sound weird but these books can provide a wealth of information for a beginning keyboard player. Fake books provide a collection of songs with the lyrics, melody lines and chord symbols clearly marked on the page. It takes a song and strips away the pieces that take experience and time to comprehend. The end result is a beginner’s guide to playing some of the popular songs on the radio. Fake books typically sell for around $25 and contain thousands of songs.

All of this information should help you select the perfect keyboard lesson book. Each book will serve as a musical reference point as your skill level improves. Consider your collection of keyboard lesson books a safety blanket that will always be there when you need a quick refresher course. A great place to look for piano lesson books is any bookstore or music stores. You can also check out online sites such as Amazon or EBay. Do not forget to check out your local library. There just might be a few books available for loan that can help you get started.

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