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Beethoven, Bach and Billy Joel all had to start somewhere when they sat down to the piano. There was a certain degree of talent in each of these individuals. There was also a great deal of practice involved.

Behind that practice was a dedicated teacher ready to show the student the world of piano playing. If you are considering venturing into teaching others how to play piano consider giving lessons for free.

All it takes to become a keyboard teacher is maintain a level of commitment and making the lessons enjoyable for the students. Yes you are providing the lessons for free, but that does not mean you can not still make them fun in the process. That process will vary from adult students to child students and everyone in between.

Adults have a tendency to learn a new skill on their own. Children on the other hand may need a slight push every once in awhile to be successful at keyboard playing. Your being aware of this will help create a variety of free keyboard lesson plans that cater to various students.
Start with the Bastian method of when teaching keyboard to kids. Incorporate bright colors and other designs to attract their attention. Show children how to position hands correctly on the keys. Try the Rote method that starts by developing a familiarity with a keyboard and building towards the piano keys from there.

As a keyboard lesson teacher you need to keep in mind that each person learns differently than someone else. Create keyboard lessons that cover a variety of skill and pace levels. Parents can assist in keyboard lessons by taking an active role in their child’s keyboard lessons from you. Encourage parents to play along with the children if they have keyboard experience. If not, use it as an opportunity for the child to teach a parent how to play the piano.

Another great idea for a free keyboard lesson session is taking a child to the local music center for exposure to concert piano music. Stock up on CD’s of world famous keyboard composers and let the children simply listen to the music. From there a personal technique is sure to develop.
Free keyboard lessons for adult students will be a little easier to put together. These students need very little motivation to get started playing keyboard. More often than not, the thrill of having a new activity is motivation enough for an adult. Keep the free keyboard lessons fun as you would with a child student.

A main consideration of free keyboard lessons is to keep playing yourself. You are only as good as what you can teach your students. If you are not keeping up with the practice, you have no place expecting your students to do the same.

Free keyboard lessons are not an easy way to gain quick exposure. The client base must be built one student at a time. To learn at your own pace without instruction, purchase instructional keyboard DVD’s or visit a lesson site online. Learning to play the keyboard can be a fun and rewarding experience without breaking the bank.  

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