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There are many keyboard practice books around that have a lot of classical pieces in them for starting pianists, so it can be hard for keyboardists to figure out where to start learning. Anyone looking for hard copies of sheet music offline or online should know basically what they’re looking for as far as books and pieces go. Most of the well-known classics of past and present are what formed the backbone of modern piano; they were written by famous composers of the past. 

Many composers in the classic and Romantic musical eras earned a living by hosting group-oriented piano lessons, with each student offering their own payment for venue.  Mozart taught some of Bach’s piano music to his sudents to start, for instance, but eventually, Mozart branched out to compose music of his own for use in instruction. We know them for complicated symphonies and operas today, but basic songs would have been needed to use for practice. Many of the more complex songs have to be built from a joining of simple instrumental parts. Usually the first instrument that classical pieces were composed for was the piano, and piano has a high range in terms of pitch so it can cover most instrumental parts. 

Many of these pieces aren’t just means of teaching anymore, but have gained fame in their own right. Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Tchaikovsky and other composers all wrote works like this. Fans of these composers will usually say that they like every piece of the composers, no matter how little-known it is, and that it has a musical purpose and is worth repeated listening. 

All the classical keyboard books that are sold on the market contain these classical simple pieces to form instructional anthologies. Each piece usually has a specific skill or technique that it was meant to serve as a drill for, like left-hand fingering, chord progression, trills, harmonizing or other keyboard playing skills. The original reasons for the composers writing the piece of music might be forgotten, but even so any good keyboard teacher will be able to figure out why it was written and apply its teaching to their students. 

Classical music’s also easily altered over the centuries. This is usually done by publishers who decide to add bits to the song, change the key signatures or just rewrite the piece to suit their needs. Over two centuries of this can make written music almost unrecognizable from what it was originally. Mainly this is because it’s possible for a student to tweak the music once the original has been learned by adding on different dynamics, changing the song’s tempo, making different chords and more. It’s first necessary to understand the basic build of the song and the meaning behind it. Before rules can be bent you have to learn them normally. Melodies of songs of themselves can be altered and switched around once the student’s skilled enough, but this won’t come for a while. Classical pieces might at first seem like a waste of time to practice; there is a very good reason why they were written in the first place, so keep practicing your classics no matter how tedious they seem to be at the time.

You can also branch out into the different genres such as jazz keyboard lessons once you have the classical keyboard mastered. You can find keyboard teachers which will specifically teach you jazz.

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